An update from the council

Following the invitation I had to the dedication of the memorial tablets to the West Yorkshire [Prince of Wales Own] Regiment, there was a short but moving ceremony held in the local cemetery today. It was the first really wet day for weeks, but there was still a fair sized crowd there to pay respect. Two of the local ministers officiated, reminding us of the way of life the volunteer soldiers would have had at the turn of the century[20th] and , of course, of the motto of the regiment “Nec aspera terrent” [ Nor do difficulties deter.]

The next time the war graves have a ceremony in this cemetery will be on Remembrance Day, when all of these old soldiers will be remembered along with the ones who already lay there.


A message from the council!

I hadn’t anticipated that my first “proper” posting here would be reporting that I’d had a message from the local council! In short, when I arrived home today, there was an email to say that two memorial plaques that have just been cleaned up after being in store for years, have just been put into place with the War Graves in the local cemetery. There’s an official ceremony later in the month, but I wanted to go down and see how they looked. Well done to the people who worked so hard on this project to get the plaques back on show in a suitable location, especially Steve Shaw-Wright who took up the cause. In April Cllr Shaw Wright told the Selby Post

“We’ve been looking for somewhere to put them for some time but we’ve never had anywhere suitable to put them.

“We thought it would be a good idea to put the memorial stones where the Second World War stones are, so they are in one place. It just seems a fitting place to put them.”

The top pictures are of the plaques in the  cemetery chapel before cleaning up, the bottom pictures show them in place alongside the War Graves in the main cemetery.