Excuse # 238

Despite the online quietness, it’s been busy at Hadenmaiden’s House. Though I started 2019 determined that I wouldn’t be bound by lists this year, I seem to have committed to rather too many things (again). I’ve managed to make some good progress on several projects, and have a couple of finishes which means I can tick appropriate boxes.

First up is a quick mobius cowl for a KAL being hosted on Ravelry. This was an ideal project to take along to Knit & Natter, being a simple one row pattern that I really couldn’t lose track with.


I finally managed to take my trusty sewing machine out of storage in the garage – now it’s beckoning me to get on and do some proper sewing. I started off with a couple of bags – the one pictured below, and a Japanese know bag with the same fabric. I think I may now have the sewing bug in addition to all the other things that compete for my time and attention…


I’ve also cast on a lace weight shawl for another KAL. Gave myself an extra brownie point for using stash, but unfortunately the colour doesn’t show well in this image, which makes a lovely rich jewel toned green look like royal blue!



Ta da!!

Finally, I have a significant stitching finish! I almost daren’t admit the threads I bought for this piece arrived in my house in 2008!! It has languished in a cupboard for too long, and a concerted effort over the last few weeks has resulted in a finish. I used Dragon floss, shade 109, Lasting friendships.

Now that I’m on a roll, I’m going to root out another UFO, thanks to YOTA at Pull the Other Thread, and see if that too can be eliminated 😉

Almost there

A week in sunny Cornwall saw considerable progress on my Ink Circles project, though to the finish I was hoping for. All done except for the central circle, which will be picked out with a slightly pinker thread than the others. The end is definitely in sight, and one of my older UFOs is almost ready to be turned onto a FO!

I realised on the first day of our holiday that my beautiful new(ish)wellies were leaking. It wasn’t even raining, but we were walking the dog in a damp field when it became clear that I had a definitely wet left foot. I wasn’t best impressed, having paid what felt like a small fortune for Hunter wellies, which I was assured are wonderful, and really comfy. Comfy, they definitely were, but having failed in the waterproof department in just over six months didn’t impress. Unusually for me, I felt the need to pursue the problem. Emailed Hinter, and was really impressed with their customer service. A couple of photos were requested to show the damage, and evidence that they were indeed Hunter wellies, and within one working day, I was sent a link to choose a new pair. Delivery of shiny new red wellies should be on Monday, but in the mean time, I was sent detailed instructions of how to destroy the defective ones. It took an inordinate amount of will power to demolish them in the required way!

Last picture of the day, the early beginnings of my next shawl – one. Of the EZ 100th anniversary one. Really looking forward to see this one develop.