Friends will be Friends……….

I’ve been hunting old webpages. Years ago, I found a cross stitch message board where I met some really good friends. I’ve been trying to work out how long ago that was. Have managed to fine a snapshot of it on an old Tripod page, but, needless to say, all of the links are broken, and there’s no way of finding out what year it was started. Since I was involved there, the Purple message board underwent a couple of upgrades and metamorphoses, but like so many others is now pretty much defunct after the advent of Facebook et al. The friendships people made there are far from defunct, though. I still have regular contact with a handful of people I met there, and a few of us even have our own little space over on Revelry – still called Purple – what else, after all these years?? Anyhoo, after a bit of discussion with a couple of Purple friends we came to the conclusion that it must be 15 years since we first met online. I think you could call those ‘old friends’ in anyone’s book [though I’m the granny of the bunch – and old enough to be mother to at least two of them, so I’m not calling anyone ‘old’, I promise!] So, it was with more than a little excitement that I set off with a full purse and empty shopping bags yesterday, to travel towards South Wales, where I met two of those ‘old’ friends for the first time! Yesterday was a fabulous day, despite the wet weather in Wales. What a joy to meet Helen and Rachael for the very first time! There was so much chatter and giggling going on that you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d been let out of school for an end of term trip. Crawling out of bed this morning, the weather is still wet and miserable, but the day holds the promise of a load more fun as we venture out to Wonderwool for the day. Pictures will be taken, I’m sure, and I will post one or two, if the others don’t mind, but for now, it’s time to stock up on a hearty Welsh breakfast and do a bit mor chattering before we set off on our adventure……….


Another new start

Up until about 18 months ago, I spent a couple of hours at the gym each morning before work. Over a period of months I developed intense pain in my heel, which was eventually diagnosed s’painful heel’! I was unimpressed by the diagnosis, mainly because it was so incapacitating, I felt it deserved a more recognisable name. [something akin to plantar fasciitis but further back in the heel – left me unable to walk more than extremely short distances for far too long]. Anyhow, after two and a bit years, it finally left me, and I decided at the weekend that I’d risk it and go back to the gym. Induction this morning was interesting – we’ve moved house, and county since my last efforts, so it was completely new. The instructor had just as many wobbly parts as I have, which was a little disconcerting, but he was pretty good, and was happy to leave me to my own devices after a quick trip round all the equipment. Easy start, just 250 calories worth of treadmill and cross trainer. There will be more energy expended next time – possibly tomorrow, if the muscles aren’t complaining too much.