Set your seam, press to the dark side…

My last excuse (for now, at any rate) for the lapse in blogging, is that despite being already addicted to EPP because I love the relaxed hand stitching and ‘no rush’ attitude, te lovely lady at my local fabric shop has finally tempted/inspired me to have a go at machine patchwork. Now that the sewing machine is more accessible, I have a yen to use it. There are some great videos online to get started, and after watching just one of Jean Truelove’s tutorials, I was well and truly hooked! This week I’ve been playing with colour and fabric, and have come up with a handful of 9.5″ blocks.

They’re far from perfect, but , all in all, I’m quite pleased with them.  Most corners match in the right place, the pinwheel is a bit off…..  It’s a first attempt, and I’ll improve with practice.

I’ve decided that this one will be a baby quilt – I’ll do another three different blocks, then all eight again, with different fabrics.  Hopefully that will get me to the sashing and quilting stages more quickly, and the next effort will be more presentable.

It’s been a real change from hand stitching, but I’ll be back to that this evening.

More soon.