Before the afterthought

One of the project challenges for 2017 is a project using a technique that I haven’t used before.  I could still do with some more socks for the April trip, so decided to do socks with an afterthought heel. Part of the beauty of an afterthought heel is that you can use a contrast yarn easily if you want to, and with a variegated yarn the pattern sequence doesn’t stretch out of shape because all of the rounds have the same number of stitches.

With this pair I wanted to keep it simple, so am just using one colour, and minimal texture on the sock body. To avoid the possibility of second-sock syndrome, I’m knitting both socks before I put in the heel. The first one is done, and you can see the waste yarn that marks where to put the heel. Hopefully there will be a transformed pair of socks posted in the next few days! image


Ten days peace and quiet

….but it can’t last forever 😉

So what’s been going on here in the past ten days?

Well, a book has been crossed off the book challenge list, and I’ve committed to the one which ‘will improve a specific area of your life’.  There’re just short of 400 pages of literary rules – fascinating book, which will be really useful, but I just can’t imagine sitting down and reading it from cover to cover. So, the plan is to read a couple of sections a month, and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have got through it.  January’s portion of the ‘New Hart’s Rules’ will be [at least] The Parts of a Book and Preparing Copy.

Whilst on the theme of reading and writing, I’ve finished the article for the local history group magazine [which involved heavy editing, as my word count was wayyyyyyyyyy to big!] and am just about ready to start committing Harry Dean to paper [well, computer, actually, but you get my drift.]

I’ve got through a couple of pairs of fingerless gloves for the 17 point challenge, and last night finished a pair of vanilla socks which fit into the ‘Something from Stash’ category. I’m thinking that there will be more socks next to use a different heel, for the ‘A pattern involving a technique that is new to you’ category.vanilla-socks

36 hour day required

Only one more full week and we’ll have Easter upon us – I must be getting older than i give myself credit for; the weeks are just disappearing before my eyes.  I’d thought finishing work would leave hours ahead of me to do all of those things that I have on my ‘to do’ list. In some ways it did – in others, it gave me the opportunity to add more to the list, and, let’s face it, there are just too many interesting things to do!

Last week I managed to tick off something that I’ve been trying to get around to for months – ventured out half an our or so up the M54 to the outskirts of Wolverhampton to visit the churchyard of Holy Trinity Church.  Armed with a list of 26 relatives to hunt for, I was convinced that none would have a headstone and I would be coming home with several pictures of random grassed areas (bearing in mind our previous trip to Merridale).  The volunteer staff at the Open Church morning were super, giving me plot plans for the two main parts of the churchyard that I needed, and we were rewarded with finding several family members with headstones, as well as being able to mark this without a headstone onto the plot plans. Even better, we ‘found’ two plots that marked the final resting place of family members I hand discovered yet!

The latest Futurelearn course started up this week, and is accompanied by a particularly active group on Facebook – yet another way for the hours to pass me by…..  Add that to my now regular Tuesday morning at the pub with a newly discovered genealogy/WW1 addicted pal, and the week feels pretty full.  I have lost count of the new projects these Tuesday cuppa have inspired, and just hope that I manage to see at least one or two of them through!

Family members should also be warned that I’ve ben directed to a genealogical codicil which has duly been printed off and will be filled in imminently.  Thanks to the Devon Family History Society for that, it’s a cracking idea. Now would be a good time to let me know if you want to be on the ‘first refusal’ list, as it doesn’t look at this stage like any of my offspring will be interested in the mounds of information I’ve unearthed!

Updating the ‘interminable list’, and the 2016 stash down makes me realise I’m never going to get everything done, but hey, it’s fun trying 😉

just to add a little colour to this post, here’s a view of the gaffs and crocus in the local park where we walked Jess this morning, and a teaser till next time, to see if you can imagine what Bob was up to last week….


Reviewing the winter wardrobe

Part of my 2015 list is to keep up with the Charityalong that a few of us are doing on the Purple group in Ravelry. I know that I will be meeting Helen later this month at Wonderwool, (which is worthy of a whole other post) after many years of online friendship, and Helen will be collecting the dog coats and other items which we are making to support her local dog rescue. being a true Yorkshireman, I don’t plan on spending any money on postage that I don’t need to, so Jess has been helping me this morning to sort out what I’ve already made, and decide if there’s time to do another couple before seeing Helen in three weeks. Jess insisted on being in the picture, but wasn’t keen enough to model any of the items herself!

Lists abound

I keep lists. They’re not always achievable goals, but I keep the list anyway. At the beginning of this year I started a craft ‘to do’ list. A reading goal. Next year’s Christmas list. There have been innumerable daily task lists and shopping lists which are not worthy of mention, other than the shopping list of things I was going to buy when my occupational pension lump sum arrived – that was great fun, and has more or less been achieved. So, the craft list is something of a moveable feast, but is currently looking like this: Baby boxes for Telford Crisis network KAL Vernal Equinox done CAL squares 16 done so far Baby boxes for Kathy 1 done, but not yet donated Revive my sock blanket Revive hexiflats Purple charityalong Prem baby stuff for Shirley 16 tops done Dress a couple of dolls for the Christmas Smile project 2015 Christmas knitting 1 shawl doneFinish Hypernova Finish at least one patchwork quilt Rag rug Reverse engineer Jen’s jumper done Scarf for Sharon done Prayer shawls for Shirley 3 done Make some bags 2 project bags done Finish cross stitch UFOs Cross stitch squares for Facebook group Finish rainbow blanket frogged Don’t like it any more ;( Round robin lap blanket If I can work out how to do it, I may well add that as another page here, to update through the year. Reading goal this year is 52 books – 14 read so far, on track for achieving the goal. Progress is monitored on Goodreads with occasional reviews on Realreaders, Shelfari and Netgalley I’ve just finished Anne Frank’s diary, and will be starting Redemption Road by Lisa Ballantyne tonight. Next year’s Christmas list is coming along nicely, but won’t be shared publicly.