Excuse # 238

Despite the online quietness, it’s been busy at Hadenmaiden’s House. Though I started 2019 determined that I wouldn’t be bound by lists this year, I seem to have committed to rather too many things (again). I’ve managed to make some good progress on several projects, and have a couple of finishes which means I can … More Excuse # 238

Very green orbitals

The first KAL on our Ravelry board this year is the Molecular Orbitals pattern, designed by Adriana Bon. It’s a free pattern, with instructions for toe-up or cuff down socks. I decided to use stash yarn, a very green ‘Chocolate lime’ shade, and now have cheery new socks!

The afterthoughts

Perhaps not unexpectedly, the ‘few days’ delay stretched to 12, but I finally finished the afterthought heels.  So much easier than faffing about turning a heel flap! The shape looks a little odd, but it fits well. It seems like a great idea for using random dyed yarns, as it avoids the pooling effect very … More The afterthoughts