Real, paper books

I seem to read very few hard copy books these days – mostly I get ebooks for the Kindle and review new releases for Netgalley (also ebooks) with the occasional hard copy book being sent for review from Realreaders.  This last week, however, I was lucky enough to get no less than three real books. … More Real, paper books

Love from Thimbles

I’ve been hiding a package from myself for about three weeks. When it arrived it wasn’t unexpected, as I’d joined a Secret Santa swap on Ravelry, and the ‘love from Thimbles’ code on the outer wrapper was an indication that it was my secret Santa package.  This morning I was sorting out packages to put … More Love from Thimbles

Give rabbit time….

So, it only took me two days to work out how to upload pictures from my ‘phone, and needless to say, I unearthed several pictures from earlier months that I somehow didn’t get around to blogging about. For now, let’s just look at the Christmas markets.This was the first (only) lady swimmer we saw in … More Give rabbit time….