Harry Dean update

I finished the 11 mini biographies of Harry Dean last month.  After spending another week producing evidence sheets I finally got round to combining the two sets of documents into a single .pdf  only to realise after a load of faffing and frustration that it wouldn’t upload to the online publisher because making the evidence sheets … More Harry Dean update

5 years in a row

Goodreads reading statistics for the past 5 years: You have read 61 of 55 books. 111% 7 books ahead of schedule Completed 2015 Reading Challenge Congrats! You read 58 books of your goal of 55! 105%105% Completed 2014 Reading Challenge Congrats! You read 69 books of your goal of 52! 133%133% Completed 2013 Reading Challenge … More 5 years in a row

Sometimes I lie

Not a confession – the title of a new book by Alice Feeney. This book is a real page turner, but not for the same reasons I usually find a book engrossing. Put simply it’s the story surrounding a car accident which leaves Amber in hospital in a coma. It is written from the perspective … More Sometimes I lie


Blackwater – James Henry Set in the early 1980s in Colchester, this novel sounded promising, with many ingredients I would associate with a good detective story. After a promising start – New Year’s Eve and a couple of young me trying to deliver a huge drug shipment but getting lost in the fog, whilst almost … More Blackwater