Excuse # 238

Despite the online quietness, it’s been busy at Hadenmaiden’s House. Though I started 2019 determined that I wouldn’t be bound by lists this year, I seem to have committed to rather too many things (again). I’ve managed to make some good progress on several projects, and have a couple of finishes which means I can tick appropriate boxes.

First up is a quick mobius cowl for a KAL being hosted on Ravelry. This was an ideal project to take along to Knit & Natter, being a simple one row pattern that I really couldn’t lose track with.


I finally managed to take my trusty sewing machine out of storage in the garage – now it’s beckoning me to get on and do some proper sewing. I started off with a couple of bags – the one pictured below, and a Japanese know bag with the same fabric. I think I may now have the sewing bug in addition to all the other things that compete for my time and attention…


I’ve also cast on a lace weight shawl for another KAL. Gave myself an extra brownie point for using stash, but unfortunately the colour doesn’t show well in this image, which makes a lovely rich jewel toned green look like royal blue!



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