Wherefore art thou, Shakespeare’s Pedlar?

Back in the days when I could see well enough to attempt (and finish) fairly fine cross stitch pieces, I came across, and often used a rotation system. The idea was that when a stitcher had several different pieces on the go at once, working in a rotation would facilitate each of the pieces being completed, and not destined to become UFOs (UnFinished Objects.)

I seem to recall that I first found the ten hour rotation system on a site called Shakespeare’s Pedlar, but a search this week has failed to retrieve the original post. Basically it involved working on one piece for 10 hours before putting it away and moving onto the next for the following 10 hours of stitching. Provided the stitcher didn’t start any new pieces, real progress could be seen on each piece, and gradually the pieces would be completed.

This week I decided it was going to be a good idea to adapt the system for my patchwork. At the moment I have four pieces started, and each time I work on one, I want to just keep going. Whilst I’m not following the 10 hours guideline, I am making myself stop when I get a unit finished on each piece. The end result for this week is that I have measurable progress on three of the four pieces, and the fourth one to work on this evening.

Long may it last!


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