Time to get on with it, then!

Having fully intended (and trying!) to get my craft projects organised at the end of 2018 for a good start on 1 January, I find that a week into 2019 I’m still sorting out. The quilt log sheets that I downloaded last week made me realise that I have two ongoing projects that need updating, and some progress made, so yesterday I took pictures of the progress to date on those, as well as one of the first stitching on the blues hexie quilt that is anew start. The first is a charm quilt, which will eventually have 999 pieces, but is currently being formed up in blocks of 32 – 1.5″x3″ rectangles in pairs, each placed next to a pair on a different axis.


The second is a sampler quilt comprising various 12″ blocks in different colour ways – great for using up scraps!img_2813

Craft group/knit & natter restarted on Monday for the new year, and I took the first hexes for my shades of blue quilt. A small start, but a start, nonetheless. The darker one on the bottom row looks skew, but it isn’t just a bit bent up on the picture!img_2812



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