Looking back, and forward

December is upon us, and as per usual, I’m left wondering where the past 11 months went. In many ways we’ve packed a lot into this year; we put the house on the market in late January, and have achieved two house moves since then. We packed up the things we could manage without for a few months and headed north into a rental property until we found the house we wanted for a permanent move.

The next three months felt a bit like an extended holiday; we had a rental property in the area where we wanted to end up.  Biographies for the war memorial project were completed before the move, so when we arrived back in Yorkshire we suddenly had many free hours a week that we weren’t used to – no weekly meetings, no burning the midnight oil checking and rechecking 184 life stories.  I used those spare hours to put some work into a personal project, which was finished just after the second move of the year.

The beginning of July saw us move into the new house.  Just a handful of miles from the rental house, and near enough to go back regularly to our favourite dog friendly cafe. There followed several months of struggling to get tradespeople to commit to jobs. This is a slow process in these parts – something we hadn’t encountered elsewhere. We began in the second week of July trying to get someone to build us some fitted wardrobes. Five months, and a long struggle later, we finally have a (not fitted) wardrobe being delivered on Friday.

As we approach the festive season, we’re settled into the new home. Things are starting to look more organised, and we’re looking forward to the whole family sharing Christmas with us.  Plans for 2019 are afoot, and it just remains to be decided whether Hadenetics will live to see another year, or whether I’ll sign it to the great Blog home in the sky….


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