Ten months in.

November already – who stole 2018??

This seems to have degenerated into a monthly update on my interminable list, with nothing in-between. Maybe the end of the year, and challenge is going to be the time to stop blogging in favour of something else…..

Anyhow, if you’re still here, the end of October update is as follows:

Popsugar reading challenge now complete.  Phew!  Next year will be a different reading challenge, and run on one of the Ravelry groups I’m involved with.

1116g of yarn out this month 😉

Frankie’s Blankie is done – ahead of time because I cheated and made up the last few squares and edging. I lost patience with waiting a week for the quick knit squares; it would have been fine to have weekly patterns with they had been more substantial but, for me, I tended to leave these until the built up, then play catch up.

No sign of the cross stitch getting started. I can’t decide whether I just have more interesting things to do, or I’m wary of starting something that my eyes won’t let me complete.

Still 8 books to read on the Goodreads challenge, but now choosing books just because I want to read them rather than to tick a box on my list, so that should be finished in good time.

Oh, I almost forgot, I did manage to finish off the booklet I’ve been working on. It’s available on Lulu and priced closely to production costs, so I don’t make any profits. Early sales are encouraging, and I’ve had some very positive feedback from those who have bought it. La Chaudiere


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