Slow progress

Apologies for the lack of postings through July which has been full of activity with the house move, and not a lot  of updating on the challenges.

The figures for the month are: 3 categories from the Popsugar challenge and 1341g out on the yarn stash. This makes the total so far this year 378g net reduction in yarn stash. Not a lot, but better than an increase!

I’ve got involved in a local knitting group which sends items to Chernobyl, and premature baby clothing to a nearby hospital, so two good opportunities to reduce the stash and benefit others a bit at the same time.

I’m keeping up with Frankie’s Blankie, but not working on it every week, just aiming to do the four squares for each month by the end of the month – this makes it feel a little less like a chore.

Patchwork has definitely become an obsession – I’ve made up a jumbo sized cushion for the spare bedroom and turned a UFO of Mum’s into a table protector. I didn’t have the right fabric for making it any bigger, and it’s just the right size for our dining table, so I backed it, bound the edges and put it through a laundry cycle. Very pleased with the result.

Now just need to resist the need to start a new big EPP piece!cushTable centre


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