Y is for Haden.

No, I haven’t completely lost the ability to spell 😉 It took me a while, but I did eventually relalise that my Haden ancestors weren’t always called Haden.

It was relatively easy to take the line back to 1870, then things got a bit muddy. After a lot of digging, and discussion with a relative who’s a professional researcher (How lucky am I??) we realised that the father of my second great grandfather was actually called Yeadon.  Census returns were the biggest hint at the time we came to that conclusion, but since GRO have enabled searching for births prior to 1910 using mother’s maiden name  it was possible to confirm that great great grandfather James and a couple of his siblings had corrupted their surname to Haden.

To modern ears, the two names don’t sound very similar, but with a heavy midlands accent, one could easily be mistaken for the other. The discovery opened a lot more doors for researching that line of the family tree, but that’s a story for a different letter….


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