T Thank you

The options for a T posting were numerous, travel, twins, Taylor, Tasker, Terry….

In the end I opted for Thank you.

There are so many people that deserve more than a blog post ‘thank you’ for their efforts – family historians are usually very generous with their research, some in particular have gone to a lot of trouble to compare notes and evidence to help us come to a sound decision about whether or not something is a definite link.

Whilst researching the lives of men killed in World War 1 I’ve been quite amazed at the amount of time and information family members have been prepared to share.

Whilst many of us pay (handsomely!) for access to online resources, it’s easy to forget that very many of those resources are available thanks to volunteers who give their time and expertise freely to transcribe them.

Groups and forums online are also made up of folk who willingly spend valuable time and considerable expertise to help other researchers. Some of the Facebook groups are amazing. Rootshat always comes up with folk who want to help the struggling genealogist.

Around the country there are dozens of local Family History Societies whose members are founts of knowledge, and usually very happy to help others.

Often family members don’t share the researchers interest in family history, but when they do, it is such a help when they are happy to share family stories, photographs and memorabilia. For these insights I thank my grandmother Eliza Jane, my little mum and father in law John.

Generally speaking these posts don’t name living people, but today I make an exception, hoping that omitting surnames will make them suitably anonymous. For amazing help given with enormous patience to drag me through the basics of military research, a huge thank you to Clive, Nick, Ray and my dear pal Tony.


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