April update

A bit of  hectic month, involving a house move, so some of the challenges suffered somewhat.  Here’s the update for the end of the month:

  1. Cold sheep stash down:

Out – 80g Vanilla Latte socks

Out – 370g for crochet shawl

Out – 34g for Birdie’s mitts

Out – 79g for Wannabe spring socks

Out – 86g for Christi’s stripes socks

In – 100g for Tony’s socks

Total so far this year 537g increase.

2. Fingerless gloves 18 points challenge – 16 points so far this year.

3. Sock challenge, keeping up to date, and managed to win a prize!

4.  Frankie’s Blankie – 16 squares so far.

5. Genealogy blogging – this suffered a bit, but hoping to catch up in May.

6. Popsugar challenge – four categories completed this month

Oh yes, and then I accidentally bought a whole bunch of fat quarters from a fellow Raveller, and now I’m patching again….




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