Glorious Sunflowers

Those of you that know me will be aware that I have a ‘thing’ about British Home Children.  From this year, Canada has initiated an annual British Home Children Day on September 28.

I saw a lovely post in Facebook this week, which I have been allowed to share by its author, Judy.


As you start to think about your spring planting seeds, please remember to plant a few sunflower seeds.

(Flower that represents British Home Children)

Sunflowers are bright and inspire hope.

British Home Children came to Canada hoping for a brighter future.

As the sunflower grows,the flowers and leaves grow and face the sun in order to maximize photosynthesis. On sunny days, the stems elongate on the side of the stem away from the sun. The immature (young) flowers and leaves follow the light of the sun throughout the day. By the end of the day, the immature flowers are facing the west. When there is no light, the other side of the stem grows and pushes the flower and leaves back to face the east at sunrise. This is otherwise known as heliotropism. Mature flowers, leaves and plant do not turn to follow the light of the sun.

British Home Children got off their ships in the east and most travelled west into all parts of Canada.

Sunflowers are very strong and can endure various environments

British Home Children had to be strong mentally, physically and emotionally and endured various living situations.

Sunflower seeds are encased in shells.

British Home Children on the most part kept their stories of their lives to themselves, encasing them within their hearts, minds & souls.

Sunflower seeds can be cracked open to reveal itself for others to share and appreciate.

British Home Children stories need to be cracked open, shared and appreciated.


With thanks to the Ontario East British Home Children Family group – one of several really amazing groups working to promote awareness of British Home Children.


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