First quarter update

Where did March go?

The round up for the month doesn’t show as much as I’d hoped it would, but here we go…

Cold sheep stash down for March:

Out – 52g Driving Miss Daizie mitts

Out – 80g  The stars at night socks

Out – 81g Twisted mirror socks

Total 213g out for March.

This reduces the total for the year so far to 1086g in.

Just one pair of mitts for the 18 points challenge – Driving Mitts Daizie mitts  A2 Complete a monthly KAL, C1 Inspired by technology  2 points. This makes the total so far this year 12.

Popsugar reading challenge – 6 categories completed in March.

Goodreads challenge – 16 books read so far out of 55 planned.  This leaves me 3 books ahead of schedule.

Still no cross stitching….

All in all, this isn’t as bad as I’d expected after spending the best part of three days at the Urgent Eye Care clinic.  Onwards and upwards for April.  Happy Easter to all 😉



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