Celebrating strong women

March is Women’s History Month, making it an excellent time to focus on the ancestresses in the family tree. Challenged by a fellow knitter on Ravelry, I’m attempting to find a lady for each letter of the alphabet. I don’t have any X or Z women in my tree. Looking at the occupations of the fathers and spouses of most of these women, they had to be strong women to support and hold together their families. some had a great struggle, others were more fortunate. All have my resect.

A  – Eliza Ann Acaster, born 1863, Louth, Lincolnshire. Daughter of an agricultural labourer.

B – Mary Bradley, born 1790, Winteringham, Lincolnshire.

C – Margaret Card, born c1740, Yorkshire.

D – Agnes Davies, born 1879, Bickley, Cheshire. Daughter of a gardener.

E – Anne Edwards, born 1829, Weston, Shropshire. Daughter of a labourer.

F – Zillah Firth, born 1890, Kippax, Yorkshire. Daughter of a coal miner.

G – Mary Gatenby. Had to choose this one – there are 18 Mary Gatenby’s in my tree, all born in Yorkshire.  Shows a distinct lack of imagination on behalf of several sets of parents (Most of the father’s are called George!)

H – Eliza Haden, born 1896,Heath Town, Wolverhampton. Married a railway porter.

I – Mary Inchboard, born 1805, Great Ouseburn. Farmer’s wife.

J – Olive Christabel Healey Jerrard, born 1890, Dulwich, London. Silversmith’s daughter

K – Edith Ede Kaye, born 1804, Brayton, Yorkshire.

L – Jane Lacon, born 1770, Bagley, Shropshire.

M – Nanny Mosby, born 1837, Kippax. Daughter of a coal miner

N – Emily Lavinia Roake Newlove, born 1849, Margate. Daughter of a schoolmaster.

O – Jane Oakely, born 1815, Sedgeley. Wife of a contractor.

P – Hannah Elizabeth Pool, born 1858, Kelfield. Farmer’s daughter.

Q – Emily Quelch, born Kent. Wife of a lamplighter.

R – Frances Ridsdale, born 1752, Coxwold.

S – Ann Sanderson, born81798, Spaldington. Wife of an agricultural labourer.

T – Sarah Taylor, born 1870, East Stonehouse, Devon.  Wife of a Royal Marine.

U – Dorothy Ullathorne, born 1897, Selby.

V – Ann Vernon, born 1819, Micklebrigg, Rotherham. Daughter of a coal agent. Seamstress.

W – Rhela Fenetta Wright, born 1892, Kippax. Daughter of a coal miner


Y – Zillah Yardley, born 1776, Darlaston.






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