Wins and losses for February

End of the month means another update of this years challenges – mixed results this time, but bearing in mind other stuff that’s been happening this month, I’m pretty satisfied overall.

Pop sugar challenge – 9 books ticked off the list to date

Good reads challenge – 11 books of the 55 target

FGF challenge- 10 points so far out of 18

February stash down (big oops here!!) Result to end of Feb, I have 1299g more than at the beginning of the year.

Out – 20g Mitt Envy

Out – 60g Let me be your valentine

In – 2500g (Couldn’t resist a bargain)

Out – 50g Aegwynn mitts

Out – 304g baby blanket

Out – 240g baby blanket

Out – 1032g to charity shop

All 8 published squares of Frankie’s Blankie done, so that’s up to date.

I’ve only got as far a C with the genealogy blogging, must get on with this in March.

Sock challenge – January and February socks finished, March ones started a day early.

Cross stitching – haven’t even started, but you never know. Had a few days spare at the end of February when I could have made a start, if I hadn’t had another eye episode. Hoping it will settle down without surgery so I can start this in March.


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