Time for a new set of challenges

A new year, and all sorts ahead of us. Some of the challenges will be ones I’d rather not have accepted, but others are easier to contend with. My 2017 list was pretty much achieved, so for this year I have: 2018 – the slightly less achievable list……

1.) Cold Sheep stash down –  in an effort to reduce my stash, I’ll be attempting to only buy yarn for specific projects, to be used straight away. (Got off to a poor start, though, as I’ve just bought 1kg of yarn for a blanket KAL, and didn’t manage to order it before New Year!)

2.) FGF 18 points challenge:  tba

3.) Sock challenge: This one is a combination – I’ll be attempting to keep up with the 2018 Literary KAL on the UK sock knitters forum,  the Brown Bagging It Sock Club and Seawall Fibres year long sock yarn KAL 2018.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make one pair of socks tick more than one box!

4.) Frankie’s Blankie KAL

5.) Genealogy blogging: A bit different this year, I’ll be attempting the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge

As always, in the interests of protecting the privacy of others I won’t include/mention living people unless I have their specific permission.

6.)The Popsugar reading challenge 2018

7.) Goodreads challenge for 2018 – 55 books

8.) Most cross stitching floss & fabric has gone now, but I’m going to see if I can see well enough to tackle one project this year – kitted up and ready to go.

This doesn’t sound very challenging, but I know the if I bump up the numbers i’m likely to deliberately choose shorter books; I’m sticking with 55 this year.

The more detailed list will be maintained on the challenge page and I’ll just update here quarterly, as that seemed to work well last year.

I deliberately haven’t included the more personal challenges, but might update on those as we go along. That’s it then, 2018 is underway.



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