Cheery wedding photo….

The genealogy category of ‘Ancestor with the most interesting and/or funny picture’ is a tricky one.

I have permission to use a whole load of photographs in my (private) family tree, but don’t feel that permission necessarily applies to a public blog. Similarly, I don’t want to post a picture of anyone who is still alive, and might not want their image freely available online.

To fulfil this category, I decided to use an image from my own collection, and which doesn’t feature anyone who is still alive. Bradley Small wedding

This is a wedding photograph, taken in June 1921. The bride was my 2xgreat aunt – of the two holding flowers, she is the lady on the left. It’s clearly a posed picture, and taken at a time when photographs were a lot more formal that they are usually these days.

Why I love about this picture is how miserable everyone looks! Was it really just because it was an unusual situation, or were they actually miserable?

I knew this lady for 35 years, and don’t think I ever saw her smile. I may be doing her a dis-service – she probably didn’t have a lot to smile about. She was widowed after only five years of marriage, and lost both of her parents by the time she was in her early forties.

She lived in the town where she was born, a widow for over 60 years.

So, here’s my offering of a picture from my collection – not a funny one; possibly not the most interesting, but it does make me wonder what was going through those people’s minds as the posed for the photographer.


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