Travelling, breaking and making

After giving my ‘old wrinklies’ railcard some hammer on Monday and Tuesday, and killing the washing machine, this week has involved  a bit of ‘housekeeping’.  I realised that it was getting beyond time  that I sorted out my Ravelry library.

Having worked all the way through, and ruthlessly deleting the patterns for things I was sure I wouldn’t make, I put everything else into ‘sets’ so it’s easy to find exactly what I’m looking for (allegedly).

Something tells me that I haven’t been quite ruthless enough.  Amongst the remaining patterns, I have 455 patterns for mittens/gloves, 419 different sock patterns and an overwhelming 1460 shawls!   Good job I didn’t count all of the paper patterns in that lot 😉

Oh dear – where to start once the 2017 challenges are done?  Two more projects to complete the project challenge – something that was recommended to me, and an accessory that I haven’t made before. Fingers crossed I’ll get one of those done before the end of the month.


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