Happy days

We rarely leave town during August; since the children left school, and we’re not bound by school holidays to get away, we tend to travel in quieter months. This month, we made an exception – Bob was invited on a fishing trip. His pal berths his boat in the town where I spent pretty much all of my childhood holidays, so it was an opportunity for me to explore a bit whilst Bob was out on the high seas.

We travelled north, via Warrington so we could catch up with friends over lunch, and I had the unexpected bonus of passing by the villages where my 3x great grandparents lived and my 2x grandmother was born (not the first time, but it’s been a good while since I went there).

Despite a rubbish forecast the weather was good and fishing went ahead as planned – that gave me time to visit where my grandparents lived when I was growing up, the site of their previous home, where my Mum grew up (which is now redeveloped as parking bays) and the house where my great grandfather lived in 1917.



This last one was just outside the local memorial park, which I hadn’t been to for more years than I care to remember – don’t think I was very interested in the memorial at the time, so that warranted a snapshot, too.






I tried to call in at the church where Mum and Dad married, but it’s been sold, and is now used as a different church group. A bit of online research resulted in me finding a local photographer who is doing a personal project capturing the interior of old churches, and he very graciously sent me a copy of one of the interior shots that he’d taken to add to my family tree.

Last trip down Memory Lane included a visit to the market – sadly depleted, though still looking busy. The outside market, which used to be full of stalls, now just has a handful around the edges. The inside market looked pretty full, but a lot of the older stallholders have moved on – no fish stalls, no cheese specialist.

Being unable to resist the call of a decent cemetery, Jess & I had a good trek round but didn’t see anyone we knew. I did find a decent number of WW1 war graves, but couldn’t get to them all before Jess decided that the beach was more appealing…..


Fireman Minto was the first one that we found, presumably a man who had spent his working life at sea. Not many war graves around for 60 year olds. I suspect this might be another mini project in the making.




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