Still minutes behind, still making progress.

Having managed to complete the ‘Couch25K’ earlier this year, I decided I needed to be able to go more quickly. Managed to knock about 5 minutes off my time, but was still slow, and beginning to be lightheaded after the run – after a bit of thought, I decided I need to accept that I’m slow, and make up for that with added distance, so over recent weeks have gradually progressed from 5k, finally reaching my first 10k this morning.

I’ll never win a race – my other half is a ‘new’ runner, and if we’d have set off together at our own paces this morning, he would have been out of the shower by the time i arrived home.

It’s taken me to the ripe old age of 62 to achieve 10k; at that rate, I’ll be about 250 by the time I can cope with a half marathon.  Obviously, I don’t have that much time, so will either have to accept I’ll never do it, or step up the distance more quickly than I have done over the past 60 years!

All in all, I reckon, I’ll just keep on increasing the distance, and post again when/if i ever get to the dizzy heights of a half marathon.

Don’t hold your breath!!


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