An odd family reunion, of sorts.

Seeing no sign of the balloons when we arrived at Calais, we set off towards Cambrai where we would be staying for the duration of our trip. En route we visited the new International Memorial at Notre Dame de Lorette. This stunning elliptical memorial, designed by Philippe Prost is engraved with the names of 580,000 men who died in conflict in northern France in World War 1. It is made all the more special because the names are listed alphabetically and there is no distinction made between nationality – the French, Belgians, Canadians, Germans, Indians, English, and all others are named beside each other.

The names are engraved on gold coloured metal for a Ring of Remembrance, and the memorial stands opposite a French war graves cemetery.  This place is quite amazing; to see so many thousands of names listed, familiar names alongside those from foreign lands is very humbling. To be able to identify so many names from the family tree, all in one place felt very odd. To be able to see the names of several Harry Deans and pay respect, was an unexpected bonus.

One last stop before dinner took us to Ecoivres CWGC at Mont St Elon. 2515 souls rest there, including  Captain Richard Brown Brisco (MC) of 172nd Tunnelling Company, Royal Engineers who we visited that day.

2 thoughts on “An odd family reunion, of sorts.

  1. I read your comment at the end of the story on ipernity about Ernest Haden. My sister and I are related to the family that took him in in Canada. He is actually my grand uncle. My sister is doing a lot of research on the family.


    1. Robert – I have a lot of information about Ernest, and happy to share privately with a family member. I suspect that you mean he is your grand uncle by adoption? Will email you this afternoon with more detail, Jacky


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