Unexpected joys in Dover

We’d been planning the trip to the battlefields for months – I was determined I was going to get there for the centenary commemorations of the battle at Vimy, and when I saw that Clive from Battle Honours was hosting a trip I booked before I’d even seen the itinerary. With a late morning pick up from the free port at Dover, it was sensible to do the 250 mile trip there the day before. We opted for a cheap and cheerful night at the local Premier Inn, had a great meal at the pub adopted by the channel swimmers, and woke on the Friday morning to the news that there was to be a world record attempt that day.

Depending on which news outlet you use, there were 82, 85 or 100 hot air balloons in the world record attempt to cross the channel. When we saw the item on the breakfast news, they were just about to set off, so we hot footed it outside to be treated to the spectacular sight of dozens of hot air balloons passing directly overhead and gently out to sea. My photography skills are pretty appalling, but good enough to remind us what an amazing sight we were witnessing.  One of the balloons almost didn’t make it over the harbour wall, but recovered and gained height just in time to pass over and rejoin the rest of them for the trip to France.

What a great way to start the weekend; an unexpected treat before breakfast – beautiful weather. It all bodes well for a very special trip!


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