More on Mr Willock

Looking back a couple of days to that incredible headstone for Guy Willock, it seems that he came from a very interesting family.

Guy was the son of Charles Johnston Willock, who was born around 1863 in Shalymanpore (sp?) India and his wife Eleanor Maud Hawes. The couple married in Brighton in 1890 and by the time of the 1891 census lived at 66 Lansdown Road in Hove.  Charles described himself as a student of law in the Inner Temple at that time.  Guy was born towards the end of 1891 by which time the family were resident in Richmond, Surrey. He was baptised on 5 February 1892 at Richmond.

In 1901 Guy was boarding at school in Rottingdean, and sadly was bereaved of his mother in 1902 when she was just 34 years old.  Charles remarried in 1906 and a half sister to Guy was born in 1908. In 1911 Guy showed on the census with his father, now a barrister, and half-sister Joan at 16 Warwick Square, London. Guy was at that time an undergraduate at King’s College, Cambridge.  There were also six servants at the 19 roomed property.

It seems that Guy’s father was not a man to be lost for words – as an addendum to the 1911 census entry, he added: ‘I can fill in no further details as all the servants decline to give me any information as a protest that women are not given a parliamentary vote.’

Guy’s entry in the King’s College records state that he had previously attended Eton, and was admitted to the university on 4 October 1910, attaining a B.A. in 1913. He was admitted to the Inner Temple and was a member of the O.T.C. at Eton and Cambridge, holding a commission from 1912.




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