Top ten for March

So, the March posting for the genealogy challenge is going to be a quick one – I’ve chosen the ‘Top Ten’ theme, and have picked out some of the names that stand out in a crowd.

Here you go, in no particular order:

Carmi Burrow; my 5th great grandfather, one of 5 children that I know of, lived c1754-1831

Hephzibah Towell; 2nd cousin to my other half. Born 1925. Just love the name!

Elkenah Shepherd Thwaites; 2nd cousin, twice removed of other half

Rob Copperwath: 7th g grandfather

Aesnath Dodsworth; 1st cousin 3x removed

Mary Gatenby; because I have 21 of them, and they’re a nightmare to sort out!

Troth Limn; my 5th great grandmother.

Algethia Wells Hebden; a 3rd cousin of my other half

The Firth family for giving their daughters easy to research names – Rhela, Dula and Fenetta

Andrew P Motion; 5th cousin once removed – for bragging rights 😉


There could have been so many more, but these are the ones that stand out for me.


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