The afterthoughts

Perhaps not unexpectedly, the ‘few days’ delay stretched to 12, but I finally finished the afterthought heels.  So much easier than faffing about turning a heel flap! The shape looks a little odd, but it fits well. It seems like a great idea for using random dyed yarns, as it avoids the pooling effect very neatly – also could be handy for using up leftovers – there will definitely be more afterthoughts! socks

Talking of afterthoughts, this might be a good place to mention getting back to the gym.  Taking it steady for now, it’s far too long since I was going 5 days a week to get straight back into it, but I did 3 days last week, and actually enjoyed it – 1 day so far this week, (but it is still Monday!)  and looking forward to going again – hopefully I’ll stick with it a bit better this time.


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