Ten days peace and quiet

….but it can’t last forever 😉

So what’s been going on here in the past ten days?

Well, a book has been crossed off the book challenge list, and I’ve committed to the one which ‘will improve a specific area of your life’.  There’re just short of 400 pages of literary rules – fascinating book, which will be really useful, but I just can’t imagine sitting down and reading it from cover to cover. So, the plan is to read a couple of sections a month, and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have got through it.  January’s portion of the ‘New Hart’s Rules’ will be [at least] The Parts of a Book and Preparing Copy.

Whilst on the theme of reading and writing, I’ve finished the article for the local history group magazine [which involved heavy editing, as my word count was wayyyyyyyyyy to big!] and am just about ready to start committing Harry Dean to paper [well, computer, actually, but you get my drift.]

I’ve got through a couple of pairs of fingerless gloves for the 17 point challenge, and last night finished a pair of vanilla socks which fit into the ‘Something from Stash’ category. I’m thinking that there will be more socks next to use a different heel, for the ‘A pattern involving a technique that is new to you’ category.vanilla-socks


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