Plan, part two


The last few months have been very much focussed on a sizeable research project, which has seen me putting in regular 50 hour weeks- great fun, but tending to push other activity out of the window. I’ve been working on a plan to rebalance my activity for 2017. The genealogy plan has been described earlier, and one I’ve just stumbled on a crafting plan.

Thanks to an inspired Ravelry member, I’ve just signed up to her 2017 challenge, and mean to get my thinking hat on before the weekend to decide at least one of the items before New Year. The list comprises:

A pattern from your queue

A pattern you previously tried and didn’t complete (could be a WIP)

A pattern you were inspired to make by someone else’s beautiful FO

Something from stash

A pattern involving a technique that is new to you

An accessory that you haven’t made before

A pattern recommended to you by somebody else

A pattern from a book/magazine you own but have never used

Something for somebody else

A project using more than one type of yarn

I’m not sure if one item can tick off more than one of the criteria, but I don’t see why not. If I get desperate to complete, I could always make somebody else something from stash, which is in my queue and was inspired by someone else’s FO……….

Whilst still on a crafting theme, I did manage to get a couple of cross stitch pieces framed before the end of the year, and with thanks to Jen, now have a sensible way to display them in the craft room.





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