Reintroducing Harry Dean

It’s seven years ago today that I first ‘met’ Harry Dean.

His death plaque, sometimes called a death penny,  was a surprise Christmas gift from my long suffering other half. I think it is possibly the best Christmas gift ever.

Harry still sits in pride of place at home.  I still don’t know who he was – potentially one of eleven men whose deaths were recorded as Harry Dean in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission records. There are a few others who have a middle name recorded, but of straightforwardHarry Deans, there are eleven.

As the centenary of the end of hostilities on the Western Front approaches, it seems fitting to make sure that Harry Dean, like many thousands of others isn’t forgotten.  This will be something I will be making an effort to work on in 2017 – so it seems right and proper to re-introduce Harry, he could become a regular feature here over coming months.

For all that you suffered and all that you lost, Harry, and the other ten Harrys, thank you.

RIP Harry Dean


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