I believe this might be the beginning of a plan

After a bit of pondering it’s starting to look like I may have the beginnings of a plan for 2017 blogging.

Aside from occasional random posts, there will be at least one family genealogy based post each month.  This will make sure that I do actually make time for personal family history amidst the mass of research on the group project I’m working on.  I’ll use some of the prompts previously mentioned, and in the interests of protecting the privacy of others I won’t include/mention living people unless I have their specific permission.

In addition I’ll add posts relate to other genealogical research which may, or may not relate to the Lych Gate research project.

There will probably fewer craft related posts, but I will make some, if nothing else, to make sure I have the motivation to actually do some crafting, which has been woefully neglected these past few months.


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