Hadens and a few more besides

As 2017 approaches at a great rate of knots I’m still unsure how my genealogy writing will work next year. What prompted me to decide to do something was a post in a Ravelry group where we were invited to write a blog post about one ancestor each month.  At the moment that looks likely to be what I’ll aim to do – albeit a year behind the rest of the group  (there was no point in joining in in December and hoping to catch up!) Things may well change if there’s another challenge for 2017, but I will at least try to keep up with this one too.

There are prompts to help the authors choose their focus for the month, so some of these will, no doubt be used – though I will be substituting 2017 for 2016 where appropriate!

Most (in)famous ancestor
The war veteran
The head scratcher / your worst brick wall
She had HOW many kids
Ancestor with the most amusing tale
Ancestor with the most depressing tale
Most unexpected find
Family lore vs documentation
Ancestor with the most interesting and/or funny picture
Most unusual/unexpected/interesting occupation
Top 10 : Your Top 10 of anything … use your imagination. e.g. Top 10 Favorite Ancestors, Top 10 Most Mysterious Ancestors, Top 10 Favorite Places to Research, Top 10 Male/Female Names in your family, etc.
Word of the Year : What’s your genealogy research word of the year? How will you apply that word to the research of specific ancestors?
New Year’s Resolutions : What are your family history research resolutions for 2016?
Goals for 2016 : What are your family history research goals for 2016?
Self-improvement : Write about an ancestor who demonstrated an interesting self-improvement story.
Tell an ancestor’s interesting story related to winter.

Looking at the list, it seems that the New Year Resolutions one is the place to start – maybe that will save me doing the usual ‘lose weight’ ‘get fit’ and ‘declutter’!


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