Self-fulfilling prophecy?


It appears that the title of my previous posting was prophetic – three months since this blog has been updated, and no excuse, other than having too little week to pack my list into.

Knitting has been virtually non existent.

Crochet hasn’t happened.

The usual four Christmas cakes have been reduced to two.

Family tree has been sporadic at best.

On the other hand, I’ve been putting in excess of a forty hour week into a project that I’ve managed to get myself involved with, and which will be high on the agenda for at least the next eighteen months.  It’s great fun, and very rewarding, but is in danger of taking over more than it should.  With that in mind, I’ve decided that after the Christmas break, there’ll be a bit of a change here.

Firstly, there will be a change of emphasis – I know that crafting time will be much reduced throughout 2017, so I will deliberately curtail my to do list, and make it achievable. This will mean less crafting posts – whether that is a bonus or not; we’ll see.

Secondly, because I’m really not prepared for the family history to take quite such a back seat, I’ll be taking part in a genealogy challenge through blogging.  Not yet sure what form that will take, but all will be made clear in the first week of 2017. [That will give me chance to make some semblance of sense of what is, at the moment, just the germ of an idea that hasn’t had chance to develop in the scramble of my brain!]

In the mean time, there are 3 weeks left of 2016, so I’ll commit to at least three more posts; if nothing else, to get back into the routine of blogging a bit.

There will be pictures – we need pictures.




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