Missing, Presumed….

Susie Steiner.

When local girl Edie goes missing in mid December, Mahon [pretty much the main character in the book] gets involved, determined to find her.
Edie seems to have it all, she’s attractive, financially supported by her affluent, titled parents and has a partner who adores her. When she disappears there is little in the way of evidence to suggest she has been taken violently, yet no contact from a perpetrator.
This book was a good read, though it didn’t really match what I was expecting. Not so much a mystery as a profile of the people looking for her.
There was a twist that wasn’t expected [for me, at any rate] but I was disappointed with the ending. to wanting to spoil the outcome, suffice it to say the last brief chapter, covered a twelve month catch-up following the solution to the crime.
Well written, and would have been enjoyed more, I think, if I hadn’t been psyched up for a good mystery.
Thanks are due to the publishers, Harper Collins, for providing an advance copy for review via Netgalley.


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