Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek – M J Arlidge

The description of this book leads the reader to think it is a murder mystery with a bit of a difference, and in that, it doesn’t disappoint.
One of a series of books featuring DI Helen Grace, it is absolutely fine to read as a stand alone novel.
At the beginning of the novel Helen is incarcerated in prison, desperately trying to prove her innocence having been set up be a relative so it looks like she has committed multiple murders. Sadly, most of Helen’s colleagues also live she is guilty, and it appears that she has just one friend in the police force who believes her and is prepared to fight to find the truth.
Meanwhile, in the prison, another murderer is on the prowl. While the murders appear to have been committed with very little violence, the bodies are discovered having been horribly violated.
Tension rises in the prison.
The fight to prove Helen’s innocence seems to be a lost cause.
All in all, an exciting read. The only criticism I have is the author’s style of swapping from one context to another with no warning – not a new paragraph to indicate a change of scene, just moving from one scene to another with no context. I think this may be deliberate; often the sentence that moves the reader from one scene into the next, could easily fit with either place. For me the result was that i had to keep going back to re-read just an odd sentence. No great inconvenience, but for me, I did find it broke the atmosphere momentarily.
Thanks are due to the publishers, Penguin UK – Michael Joseph for providing a pre-release copy for review, via Netgalley.


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