9:45 to Bletchley

Madelyn Morgan. The 9:45 to Bletchley

Ena works on secret wartime work in a local factory close to Coventry. She doesn’t know exactly what she is making, though she is the only one in the engineering factory that can complete the intricate work on X boxes required from the top secret place. At the beginning of the book, she doesn’t even know that the secret place is Bletchley Park. Then comes the day when Ena has to deliver the work in person, and we see the beginning of events that put Ena, and many others into real danger.
This is an easy read, initially feeling like it wasn’t going to develop beyond a ‘Britain at war’ story, but soon becoming intriguing and tense. Who is the spy? Is Ena going to be caught out in her sleuthing? Is she going to find love? Can she keep the secrets that weigh her down?
I didn’t realise until I finished the book that it is number four in a series – it is really a good stand-alone book, but it is clear from the ending that another book could be made following on from the end of this story. I guess that the other books concentrate on the war-time exploits of other members of Ena’s family.
Thanks are due to the author for making an advance copy available for review, through Netgalley. I haven’t read Ms Morgan’s books before, but will go back to the beginning of this series and start from scratch.


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