Baby Doll

Baby Doll – Hollie Overton

This book starts off where many thrillers leave off. The opening chapter describes hot captive Lily and her young daughter Sky escape from the cabin where Lily has been held since her high school days. Almost from the beginning we know who is the perpetrator of the crime, but the tale is no less interesting for that. Bit by bit we learn more about how Lily coped during the eight years she was held after being abducted, begin to get some semblance of an idea of the devastating effects on her family and see her struggle to return to any kind of normal life.
As the family approach the trial of the man who abducted her it becomes clear that he hasn’t finished with Lily and her family yet – and the tensions persist almost to the end of the book. To say too much would spoil the story for other readers, but it is an easy read, perceptive and engaging without being predictable. Thanks to the publishers, Random House UK, Cornerstone, for making a pre-release copy available for review, via Netgalley. A good read – the first I have read from Hollie Overton, but I will look out for more.


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