A Simple Vow


A Simple Vow
by Charlotte Hubbard

A Simple Vow is a modern Amish tale, entering on the lives of the Riehl family, in particular, Cornelius Riehl’s youngest daughter, Edith. The book starts as the new settlement of Willow Ridge are celebrating a wedding, and just as Edith prepares to join the celebrations she encounters two young men arguing whilst young babies are becoming increasingly distressed in the buggy beside the men. Edith quickly finds herself offering to care for the twins until their alleged father sorts out their true parentage.
There follows a complex route to a new life for Edith and the twins, compounded by hints that all may not be quite as it seems with Cornelius – maybe he is the subject of book two?
I was surprised to read that this is the first book of a series – it’s well written, and engaging, but through the first couple of chapters I felt that the author was maybe reviewing past information from previous books.  Willow Ridge is full of interesting Characters, and I feel sure there is enough material there for several more books – either following different families, or by continuing the observations about how Edith’s life develops – I was certainly left wanting to know how her story develops after the ending of this volume! An easy, engaging read, which like so many Amish stories leaves me hungry with the descriptions of celebratory and everyday meals, yet challenging in so many ways. I look forward to reading more.
Thanks are due to the publishers, Kensington Books, for providing a pre-release copy via Netgalley for review.


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