UmBongo in the springtime

Mid April – I’m only just catching up with my March bash the stash, and will likely have very little to add for April!

Almost at the end of a ‘quick’ shawl KAL – it should be quick, but I’ve been waylaid by other things this month……..  Still, I realised at the weekend that the KAL is due to finish on 25th, so a bit if a deadline was what I needed to crack on, and it will be finished in time for that.  Pictures in the next post.

Last month, i started another Futurelearn course, ‘Researching your family tree’  As always the content is great, excellent teaching, and this time, amazing interactions with some of the 26000 others working through the course.  It’s easy to get through the week’s topics in the allowed time, but what I hadn’t accounted for was the knock-on effect of what I’d learn.  So, a complete reorganisation and considerable pruning of the tree is on the cards.

I’ve started two huge (for me) Excel spreadsheets covering basic information of my direct ancestors and cataloguing the birth, marriage and death certificates I have copies of.

I managed to get a couple of Ancestral File books from the Family History Partnership, and am currently transcribing basic details for both of our ancestors for the previous five generations.

Next on the agenda is to get fixed up with some software – not sure yet whether to opt for RootsMagic or Family Tree Maker – there will, no doubt be a blog post about one or both of those in due course.


In between the late nights caused by ‘just a few more minutes’ on the family tree, we did manage the first Bongo trip of the season (not counting the trips to Surrey and Yorkshire to visit the boys).  Boy, was it cold (and wet) in Malvern! Should have been going to Wales for wonder wool this weekend, but have, sadly had to postpone that trip for another time. Onwards and upwards, it’s only a couple of weeks till the next planned trip to Hay –  hopefully a little warmer than our last expedition, and without the covering of snow that we enjoyed this week!


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