The Missing Hours

The Missing Hours, Emma Kavanagh
When recently widowed Selena Cole mysteriously disappears whilst out playing with her two young daughters, it looks like a standard missing person case. When she turns up out of the blue hours later, there seems no reason to suspect anything untoward, despite her apparent lack of memory of events whilst she was away. Around the same time a respected lawyer is killed in what appears to be a motiveless attack. As the murder investigation gets underway it appears there may be links between the two events, and sibling police investigators Finn and Leah have to work to find whether the apparent links are coincidental or actual.

The characters are well developed by Ms Kavanagh, and for the most part the book is an interesting read. I did find the frequent Case Reports from the Cole family business quite distracting, though I can appreciate that they are there to add depth to the story – for me they sounded unprofessional and unrealistic. The family dynamics within the Cole family are interesting, and essentially it’s a really good story. For me, what lets it down are the constant back and forth between past and present, and the incredibly abrupt ending – almost as if I had forgotten to download the last chapter. Potentially absorbing, but let down, for me at least, by distracting detail – one of those books that I never forgot was a story, unlike those utterly absorbing ones that draw the reader right into the storyline. Thank you to the publishers, Random House UK Cornerstone for making a pre publication copy available for review via Netgalley.


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