Juliet’s shawl isn’t for Juliet.

This is the first day for weeks that the weather has been bright enough to do some outdoor pictures.  I’ve been test knitting Juliet’s Shawl,  a new pattern devised by Samantha from Gradience Yarns.

It’s a lovely beaded, lace weight shawl in a crescent shape.  I had just the right colour on hand to suit a friend; semisolid red in a BFL/silk mixture dyed by Moonlight Yarns.  Not one of my usual colours to knit, so it grew pretty quickly to see how it turned out.

Small beginnings….


soon led onto a bit of nifty beading and before long it was done….


As usual it grew like Topsy on the blocking mats…….image_medium22

and is now ready for a bit of pretty wrapping paper and a birthday card……image_medium2

I’m not sure whether the recipient is really ‘into shawls’, but it’s light enough to double up as a glitzy scarf if she doesn’t want to use it as a dressy shawl.Thank you to Samantha for allowing me to test her lovely pattern, I really enjoyed it!


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