Promise Lodge

Promise Lodge – Charlotte Hubbard

This book was a joy to read – Amish fiction, but with a definite twist.
Right at the beginning we meet a small group of Amish folk who have left their homes to set up a new community about three hours drive away. Unusually, the group is pretty much organised by three sisters and their children, with support from Amos, a preacher from their old community. There are all sorts of tensions associated with the breakaway group, realistically and sensitively dealt with.
Just as the families are settling into their new home, and working to prepare it for other families to join them, their first visitor arrives direct from the old community, in the shape of the ex fiancee of one of the two young men in the group.
The author introduces a rich variety of characters, drawing the reader to want to know more about each of them. Not unexpectedly, all isn’t plain sailing, and as well as the hard work needed to develop the new settlement, we read about arson, deceit, controlling behaviour and disappointment. Better yet, the way is left open for other books to develop the story of Promise Lodge.
There’s even space left at the end for several recipes recommended by Ms Hubbard, and I suspect more than one of them will be tried out very soon.
Thanks are due to the publishers, Kensington Books, for making a pre-release copy available vis Netgalley, for review.


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