The Peacock’s Tale

It’s rare that I decide to knit for myself; even more rare that I get on and finish an item for myself in a timely fashion.

This year, I was determined that I would make a gradient lace weight shawl ready for our holidays.  I spent an age sourcing the yarn, and eventually had one custom dyed by a lovely lady called Zsofi.  She has a shop on Easy called Bilum, and I would heartily recommend her if you have cause to want/need any gradient yarn.  She dyed this lovely skein for me late last year, and it found it’s way into my Christmas surprise box, along with the wonderful elephant shawl pin made by Tattysquawk.

peacock yarnThe next task was finding the right pattern to get the most out of the gradient, and I eventually found a crescent shaped design on Ravelry called The Peacock’s Tale – very adaptable, so I was able to change the number of repeats to get as much as possible of the yarn used. It grew quickly, mainly because I wanted to get to the rich purple colour in the centre of the skein.


After some gentle blocking the miserable looking lump of knitting turned into just what I was hoping it would.


It’s wide, very wide, so I had to hang it to get a decent picture indoors ( you’ll see from the windows, that it wasn’t fit weather to be cavorting about outside to get a decent shot!)

IMG_0991That doesn’t show the colours off well, so there’s also a draped picture to show the colours, but not the wingspan.  All in all, a very satisfactory result 😉peacock


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