Making the most of 2016: Wellington Makers’ Project

Brilliant project – can’t wait to see the results!

Wellington H2A

What is your town known for? What marks it out from other places? Some towns have a ‘thing’ which makes it easier to answer that question – Ludlow has food, Ironbridge has museums (and an iron bridge, obviously), Bishop’s Castle has arty bohemians, and further afield, Hay on Way has bookshops. There are only so many ‘things’ to go round, however, so for most towns, pinning their hopes on one star attraction is probably fruitless.

So what about Wellington? The most important thing for us is to articulate what makes our offer different to Telford Centre, as this is the main centre for shopping and increasingly leisure and night time spend in our area. We can’t compete like-for-like, so we have to tell a different story. If Telford Centre can plug you into a world of international brand consumerism – with all the global supply chains (and carbon footprint) that this…

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