More than friendship

More Than Friendship, Amy Lillard

This is probably the shortest book that I’ve had from Netgalley – thanks to the publishers, Kensington Books for providing a pre-publication copy for review.
The book centres on the life and loves of Clara Rose, and opens as she is attending a quilting bee with other female members of her Amish community, just six weeks before she is set to marry her fiancé, Thomas. Her best friend since schooldays, Obe, is desperate for Clara Rose not to go ahead with the wedding, but the only reason he will give, is that Thomas isn’t the right man for her.
There is really no other storyline than this – we see Clara going to the quilting bees again as her wedding day approaches, an apparently insoluble disagreement between Clara and Obe, and the climax of the story on the wedding day.
A very quick and lightweight read, which will, no doubt, be enjoyed by lovers of Amish fiction.


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