Murder on a Silver Platter

Murder on a Silver Platter, Shawn Reilly Simmons


This is number one in a series of ‘Catering Mysteries’.
It’s an easy read, and definitely one for people who like their food – there are lavish menu descriptions dotted through the book, which may be off-putting for some.
Penny runs a catering business, providing on set meals for the film industry, as well as being cook for her friend/housemate who happens to be the star of the current film in progress. She finds the murdered body of a young woman outside their home in the winter snow, followed by a series of accidents linked to the new film – not he makings of a good week! Add a bit of romantic interest with the lead detective, who just happens to be an old school friend, and you’re all set to work out ‘who dunnit’.
Like any decent serial, this book sets the scene for the next in the series by letting the reader know where the next big catering job will be, and whether or not the friendly detective will be making an appearance.
Thanks are due to the publishers, Henery Press, for making an advance copy available via Netgalley.


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